Explore the island AC Cobra style

AC Cobra2

Experience the AC Cobra on an exclusive racetrack and go ahead full speed on a spectacular racecourse. Additionally, we can escort you on an excursion across the sunny island of Mallorca, while we deliver the AC Cobra directly to your hotel or residence for your convenience.  

The AC Cobra - a sport and Old-timer vehicle

The AC Cobra is a British sports car that was originally destined to become a racing vehicle. The AC Cobra is however a rarity amongst the Old-timer fleet as it is a record setter from the sixties. Enjoy the incomparable sound of the powerful eight-cylinder motor, experience an unforgettable ride and of course drive the AC Cobra yourself.

Fascination AC Cobra

With its extraordinary quality and construction the AC Cobra is a real treasure and you have the once-in-a-life-time chance to drive the vehicle yourself. Race driver Carroll Shelby had a vision that this special racecar would win many races and the excitement and myths linked to the AC Cobra was to a large part, linked to its success in the sixties.

Round off your AC Cobra experience

In order to intensify and at the same time round off the AC Cobra experience, we will escort you on a typical Spanish wine tasting excursion or a collective Paella cooking course. For the additional motorsport flair, take part in an extraordinary Old-timer rally and iPad treasure hunt straight across the island. For an active cool off experience an adrenaline rush on the turquoise blue water on a Flying Dolphin or taking part in water-ski and wakeboarding activities.

We will gladly call back free of charge and advise you personally!