Jeep Rally image

Jeep Rally

On a Jeep Rally in an original Jeep Wrangler 4x4, you will discover an...
Cabrio Rally image

Cabrio Rally

Join a treasure hunt across the entire island during a tailor-made Cabrio Rally and...
Beach Buggy image

Beach Buggy

A Beach Buggy is small, agile and provides fun like no other vehicle. They...
Trike Tour image

Trike Tour

These unusual looking vehicles are real eye catchers. The combination of a car and...
Vespa Tour image

Vespa Tour

If you want to get to know the island and its beauty in an...
Offroad Park image

Offroad Park

Dirt and dust on the windshield, ramps, steep driveways, declines, diverse surfaces, spectacular hills...
Go-Karting image


Speed, action and the tar road, this is what makes driving a go-kart so...
E-Car Tour image

E-Car Tour

When history meets present, an exciting day is guaranteed! Discover the beautiful island of...
Oldtimer Rally image

Oldtimer Rally

Step in behind the steering wheel of one of our genuine classic vehicles, and...
Quad Tour image

Quad Tour

Discover the ultimate, out of the ordinary sensation during the Quad Tour, and test...
Race Cab image

Race Cab

Imagine accelerating from 1 to 100 km/h in 2,8 seconds. Need one say more…the...
Formel Junior  image

Formel Junior

We’ve all dreamed of racing like Michael Schumacher or Fernando Alonso. This is as...
AC Cobra image

AC Cobra

Experience the AC Cobra on an exclusive racetrack and go ahead full speed on...