Guided E-Tricycle Tour Through Palma

E Tricycle Tour Mallorca

If you would like to do your sightseeing trip in a very short time, these e-Tricycles will come in handy as quick vehicles and carry you through the narrow alleys in an ecological friendly way - for the young as for the elderly. The guided tour will lead you to the architectural highlights of the historical city center, show you the port with its many yachts and go all the way up to Portixol, known for its variety of cosy cafes located directly at the seafront. Thanks to their stable construction with three wheels the e-Tricycles are easy to drive and even perfect for family trips.

Individual Trips or Our Classic Tours

Within two hours you will be able to discover everything from the cathedral to the museum "Es Baluard", from the historic center to the hidden hotspots of the city. If you are looking for an alternative to the typical city tour but want to see as much as possible in little time, the e-Tricycle Tour ist for you! The tour will be led by a professional guide and can feature different locations as starting point and finish. For example it could start from Parc del Mar into direction of Paseo Marítimo, continue on Paseo Portixol, lead back to Paseo Marítimo and stop at Plaza Feixeina, where the museum of arts can be visited. Afterwards the famous street "La Lonja" is already waiting for you with its manifold restaurants and bars, then the townhall at Plaza Cort before the tour ends at the cathedral. Any wishes concerning the route can be regarded, so that you recieve your very individual version.

Silent, Environmental-friendly and Easy to Drive

Our agile E-Tricycles are not only the best choice for the environment but also for the narrow alleys of Palma's historical center, that you get to enjoy without any exhaust fumes, engine noises and long briefings. It will be easy and comfortable to reach all the important sights with a "green" conscience. Their construction is surprisingly stable and allows guests of all ages to drive them. Even family excursions can be done safely since these vehicles are easy to steer and require much less attention compared to Segways.

No matter if you are facing a plane street or an upwards hill - the compact E-Tricycles easily handle the urban terrain and effortlessly get you through the typical narrow streets to all sights that form the character of Palma's historical center.

Combine the E-Tricycle Tour With Other Activities

Combine the E-Tricycle Tour with a Paella cooking workshop or a wine tasting! If you do not feel like letting the day end without spending the saved energy, you could discover the culinary side of Palma after having had a closer look on the cultural highlights. Our Paella cooking workshop and a relaxed wine tasting will make a great finish for the day. Let us know where you would like to taste the original Majorcan Paella - directly in the historic center, at an authentic finca in the countryside or at your home - we will make it possible.

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