Product rating


We have established a comprehensive and transparent rating system for all our products based on internationally recognised industry standards. The rating facilitates a more responsible choice during the booking process and allows our clients to make informed and conscious decisions about the type of event they want to deliver.

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Environmental Awareness

Protecting natural resources is our priority. We strive to conserve natural resources and biodiversity. These services are sensitive to the essential ecological balance of our ecosystem.

People Engagement

All services support well-being and human development across the entire value chain, including all staff, local community and guests. Furthermore, these services provide an economic benefit to the hosting community.

Positive Impact & Regeneration

These services strive not only to have a positive impact, but also contribute to the regeneration of natural resources.Most of them are operated in collaboration with or in support of local environmental organisations. 

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

These services celebrate the cultural heritage of the Balearic Islands.These include local language, customs, festivities, cultural sites, food, art and artisan handcrafts, fostering deeper intercultural understanding and personal relationships.

Carbon Emissions of our Products

We aim to minimize our footprint and to preserve natural resources and biodiversity. Not only do we work on reducing our own use of resources and carbon emissions, but also amongst all our partners along our supply chain, offering carbon friendly options throughout our product portfolio.

Our destinations being islands within the Mediterranean Sea, we prioritise the protection of the Mediterranean Sea and the complex marine ecosystem that it sustains.

200629 LXP CO2 Offsetting

We are currently developing a system that allows us to compensate for CO2 emissions caused during our events. These compensations are mandatory for all activities with a significant carbon footprint. Currently, for all other activities compensations are voluntary. All compensations are in support of the MedGardens project. Stay tuned for more information!