Sustainability as a foundation of all our actions

LifeXperiences Beach Cleaning Mallorca

Responsible travel is the awareness and conscious decision of how to travel: respecting the environment, culture and people of the destination we visit and benefiting the local economy.

At LifeXperiences the success of our business is deeply interconnected with the pristine natural environment of the Balearic Islands – from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea through to the spectacular Tramuntana Mountain range. We inspire our guests to reconnect to themselves and become passionate about the environment, and thereby shift the travel industry towards building a more conscious and regenerative society.

We support our guests to be more responsible by creating sustainable travel standards for our organization, along our entire value chain and within our entire portfolio. 

We are looking beyond our results to become leaders of change and inspire others towards a more sustainable development.

Our vision & values

We strive to become leaders of change as we commit to finding sustainable solutions across our entire value chain, establishing best practices for the travel industry. We are aiming for the Balearic Islands to become a fully sustainable tourist destination by 2025.

We will achieve this by offering 100% sustainable, authentic LifeXperiences in cooperation with our partners, the local people and authorities always in line with our company values: 

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