Extraordinary ambiance in every environment

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Our elegant and versatile stretch tents are exclusively available for your event in Mallorca. Our stretch tents are unique on the market and will most certainly create the perfect ambience for your event. Not only as a plan B for unexpected weather, the stretch tent also helps to create a unique atmosphere. The stretch tents can be used to create a formal dinner setting, or converted to a party tent combined with professional lighting. It is also an ideal solution for a summer garden party, to provide shade.

Depending on the size of the stretch tent, it only takes a couple of hours to set up. This offers flexibility and allows you to decide at short notice whether to use the stretch tent or not. Shape, color and size are highly flexible and the sides can either be open (shade only) or closed.

Stretch tent hire in Mallorca - with advantages

Amongst many others, we have delivered stretch tents to the following partners in Mallorca: Jumeirah Hotel in Port de Sóller, St. Regis Mardavall Hotel, Purobeach Club as well as the Super Yacht Cup show. As each location is different, the stretch tent allows for flexibility and innovation.

Using stretch tents offers the following advantages:

  • Flexible and fast set up
  • Assemble in every kind of location
  • Hyper flexible and waterproof
  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • By using carefully selected lighting, the tent creates an extraordinary ambience.

These characteristics offer the possibility to integrate the stretch tents in all surroundings. Reaching a height of up to six meters, one can integrate palm trees, stages or fountains under the stretch tents. Depending on the weather we can close the sides of the stretch tents spontaneously if needed.

Unique stretch tent design offers an extraordinary ambience

The stretch tents are made of highly elastic and resistant neoprene material and they are set up with discrete aluminium poles. This construction can easily resist and provide shelter against wind near the coast.

Full-service for your event from one hand

Together with our experienced multilingual team, we are happy to organise, manage and support your entire event. From professional lighting and sound systems, through to decoration and furniture, including well-managed service, catering and entertainment - as a full-service company we commit to making your event memorable!

Contact us for more details - we look forward to hearing from you!