Making a progressive public and ecofriendly impact

Event Nachhaltigkeit CSR Mallorca

As an event and destination management company on the Balearic Islands, LifeXperiences contributes to bringing thousands of people to the Balearic region every year. We are well aware of the influence these visitors have on our surroundings, therefore it is of our utmost concern to safeguard and preserve the picturesque natural gems that the Mediterranean has to offer.

There are several significant matters that should be addressed in the Balearic region, from converting rental cars to electric cars, water resource management to organic agriculture, only a few issues that need to be focused on in the future. LifeXperiences as a company has made the choice to direct its efforts on one specific issue: Plastic water bottles!

The excess waste and negative environmental influence of plastic material on the islands and sea is shocking. Our company offers guests up to five water bottles per day, which can be converted to over 10 000 water bottles per season. As of 2017 LifeXperiences has adopted a strategy to integrate an alternative to the usual plastic bottles within the event sector. 

Additionally to concentrating on reducing plastic waste during events, we have joined the Asociación Ondine group. Our objective is to bring together efforts to reduce marine pollution and to manage marine protected regions. In collaboration with Asociación Ondine, we kick started 2017 with a collective beach-cleaning event. As a destination management company on the Balearics, LifeXperiences will continue to pursue new partnerships with like-minded corporations and establishments. The ultimate goal is to discover innovative alternatives to plastic water bottles throughout the Balearics.