No matter where on the island you are located, if you have never experienced trial diving before, this is where to begin. Our PTR scuba trial diving equipment is mobile, flexible and available at different locations. After a brief introduction course, the participants are able to look forward to a fascinating underwater world all within the highest safety standards. More experienced divers will experience a completely new way of diving without the heavy oxygen tank. Especially for beginners, the equipment is perfect as it is an easy and light system. Ultimately trial diving is ideal for those who are not certified but wish to experience the thrills and beauty of the wonderful life beneath the surface.

Beginners Trial Diving - Free diving without heavy equipment or licenses

Participants will receive a short briefing concerning the oxygen system, safety procedures and diving signs. Every participant will individually be looked after, under and above the water, by an experienced diving team and will receive a suitable wetsuit, underwater mask and fins. A maximum of three people are able to make use of the oxygen system (which floats above water resembling a buoy) at a time. Freely enjoy and swim along Mallorca’s underwater world with an eight-meter long oxygen tube. Experienced diving guides will take participants to extraordinary underwater spots to observe the diverse subaquatic plant life and sea creatures. A special underwater camera will record exceptional moments underwater for your next holiday album.

Trial Diving for everyone

This is the first trial diving system (patented in 2014), which enables participants to experience the submarine world without heavy equipment, to breath underwater freely and to experience the ultimate feeling of weightlessness. You will be taken on a 30-minute trial diving excursion at a depth of 6 meters. Moreover it can be done anywhere, no matter if in a set location at the bay of Palma, at any other beach in Mallorca or from a catamaran or yacht. The possibilities are endless!

Trial Diving as a building block

In addition to trial diving, we offer further water activities. Enjoy a rapid speedboat ride or catamaran tour along the coastal landscapes of Mallorca or make it an action packed afternoon with waterskiing, wakeboarding, Jet ski or Flying dolphin. To round off the experience, go on a GPS iPad Jeep Rally at an off-road park or have loads fun during a Go-kart race. LifeXperiences will take you on a journey to a new and fascinating world with your first breaths underwater.

We will gladly compose a tailor made offer for you!