Join the Hype, try the SUP…

Stand Up Paddling Mallorca

In Hawaii, the origin place of surf culture, the SUP was often used as a comfortable transport method for surf instructors. During the last years, stand up paddling spread across the world as a popular recreational activity and developed into its own water sport. Experience this new and trendy type of recreation with your group where one stands up straight on the board, on water, and different to surfing, one is able to glide across the water surface with very little effort. Experience this terrific new sport of stand up paddling in a world-class location, Mallorca.

Stand Up Paddling – Faster, lighter, more agile

Gliding across the water on a stand up paddleboard is easy to learn. Specially designed paddles are used on either side of the board on the water surface where both feet are placed parallel next to each other, gaining better stability in the process. This way, one is able to glide across the water surface with minimal effort. Move along the coast of Mallorca on a SUP, where the view into the crystal clear water is phenomenal during stand up paddling. 

Stand Up Paddling: an experience for every age

The simple design of a stand up paddleboard makes this a perfect recreational activity for everyone. Weightlessly glide across the water during stand up paddling and enjoy the extraordinary panorama. Depending on experience and focus, one can use the stand up paddles on very clear waters, in remote bays or at rocky coastlines with higher waves. Whether beginner or professional, we will find the best spots in order to make the experience worthwhile and design a route including a visit to a popular beach club or late morning tea at one of the many cafes. Experience the Mediterranean from a different viewpoint on your incentive in Mallorca!

Stand Up Paddling as a building block

Stand up paddling is only one small building block in a total of watersport activities that we offer. Combine your stand up paddling experience with a kayak tour or spend the afternoon wakeboarding, waterskiing and donut riding. For those that want more action, an exclusive RIB boat will take you to discover the most beautiful coasts of Mallorca. Spoil your pallet after an action packed day on water with a Paella cooking experience or wine tasting at a typical Mallorcan Finca.

Our experienced team will create an individual and tailor-made offer for you!