Snorkelling - A different perspective

Schnorcheln Mallorca

Snorkelling, when and where you want! Let an incredible adventure of discovering the underwater world enchant you. An entire underwater ecosystem and beautiful sea life is waiting to be discovered; all you need to be able to do is swim. If you have had experience in snorkelling, the most beautiful coastal areas are ready to be explored on more challenging terrain. You have a choice of hidden bays, islands, nature reserves and other snorkelling areas.

Well-equipped snorkelling adventures

For a fun day in the water, and for optimal enjoyment, value is placed on good equipment that we will of course provide. One of the most important parts during snorkelling is the mask, which should sit on the face comfortably to ensure a relaxed excursion into the underwater world. Should you want to dive deeper underwater, you will require fins, a thin wetsuit, a snorkel vest and a lead belt. After a short briefing about the right snorkelling technique you will also learn how to even out the pressure under water.

Discover the beautiful underwater world during snorkelling

In a comfortable motorboat, you will be driven to the best snorkelling spots around the island. This allows you - as the snorkeler - to experience and savour some of Mallorca’s most spectacular underwater treasures. Let the deep blue ocean captivate you while snorkelling past a swarm of colourful fish, looking for little caves and cliffs.

Snorkelling from a Catamaran

Snorkelling can be included in our water based teambuilding and incentive activities. When on board of a catamaran, all you need to do is jump into the ocean and start snorkelling. Optimally started from board of a luxury catamaran or a RIB boat, this is an adventure that should not be missed. To further discover the island combine the snorkelling excursion with a Trike or Vespa tour, Beach buggy tour, Jeep Wrangler 4x4 or experience a GPS based rally with iPads.

We will gladly introduce the beautiful underwater world to you, and set up an individual day program for you!