People have always been hunting for treasures in history. Let us take you on your very own special treasure hunt to show you Palma in a very unique and exciting way. Explore the historic old town or discover the whole island on this modern version of a treasure hunt - either with a map or as a GPS iPad Challenge.

A treasure hunt for urban explorers

We developed the classical childhood treasure hunt further and added team building as an important factor. Your team will be seperated into smaller groups, that will each explore the picturesque old town on their own. During the treasure hunt the teams have to find their way through the narrow streets searching for the treasure either equipped with a conventional map or an iPad with a special application on it. The guests will be lead to several point, where tasks, questions and riddles are being added to the treasure hunt. 

Treasure hunt as team building

By the help of various possibilities to form the treasure hunt, the focus can be set either at team building or sightseeing. The more challenging the treasure hunt is organized the more important are communication and interaction within the teams. Depending on the chosen focus we will also integrate company specific questions, that additionally strengthen the identification and the employee loyalty. Whether with a map or an iPad - loads of fun and success are guaranteed!

Alternatives and combinations to the treasure hunt

Each treasure hunt can be transformed into a GPS iPad Challenge or expanded by a Spanish Tapas Tour. If you are looking for more action, hop on some Beach Buggies, Cabrios or Trikes or go on a Jeep Rally across the island while hunting the treasure. Top the day off with a joint paella cooking at a Majorcan finca or enjoy the countryside idyll at an authentic vineyard during a wine tasting. There is no limit for your imagination.

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