With the support of professional guides, you and your team make your way through the high ropes course of the Balearic Islands. Balancing your way across the ropes, proceeding hand over hand along a net, climbing stakes and trees - what looks easy from the ground, turns out to be a true adrenaline rush from another perspective. We recommend a visit of the high ropes course as a teambuilding activity and offer you, depending on your wishes, an observation and analysis of certain structures of interaction and communication in the team.

High above the ground – Adventure High Ropes Course

Come with us on an unforgettable adventure in the high ropes course and experience team spirit and solidarity. In small groups, we will overcome obstacles high above the ground together. During the high ropes course, we pass thin wire cables and unstable suspension bridges, one obstacle is always following the next. Mutual motivation is required to overcome them! After a short introduction, held by the guide, and a first experience in a trial course, you are ready to master the trail on your own.

High Ropes Course - Journey At Airy Heights

To guarantee your safety at all times, you are always secured, being tied to the obstacle by a safety rope and a carabiner while making your way along the high ropes course. In case you once reach your limits, the guides will intervene immediately and professionally and let you down on a rope from those airy heights. Grow together a a team and overcome the obstacles of the high ropes course as a unit.

Being back on the ground after the High Ropes Course

Combine the high ropes course with other activities and discover together as a group the picturesque old town of Palma during a guided Tapas Tour or on your own during a GPS iPad Challenge. Get to know the secrets of the Spanish national dish in a Paella Workshop or enjoy a qualitative Wine Tasting on one of the many finca estates of the island. Whatever you may feel like, our team creates and takes care of all activities in person.

Let us inspire you!