Already during ancient Greek times athletes competed against each other in physical and intellectual competitions and sports games. Although your Beach Olympics will not include shot putting or wrestling the games demand a certain amount of tactics and expertise. Grow together as a team and compete against the others in several thrilling challenges of our Beach Olympics.

Beach Olympics as a tailor-made team building adventure

As the name Beach Olympics already indicates, this event takes place at one of the enchanting beaches of Mallorca. The group will be separaten into smaller teams to solve different tasks and challenges and to find solutions for several problems as a team. Whether tug-of-war or multiski, team work is the key to a successful day at the Beach Olympics. Enjoy a day full of fun and action during your Beach Olympics and find out what is meant by games like frisbee-bowling, SUP-golf or magic ball.

Beach Olympics - fun for everyone

Depending on the chosen focus, the teams have to face different challenges. From games of skills to those, where only strength counts, we have the perfect mixture for your Beach Olympics. Our experienced team will be available the whole Beach Olympics to advise and assist and to lead you smoothly through the day. Of course, we also provide cold beverages and small snacks for the participants to improve concentration.

Beach Olympics as one of many highlights

After a day at the beach you will probably be hungry. Get to know the culinary specialties Mallorca has to offer during a joint paella workshop or on a Tapas Tour through Palma's old town or relax at one of the wonderful bodegas and join a wine tasting. If you want to learn a little bit more about the history and culture of Palma, let us take you on a GPS iPad Challenge or a guided city tour. Let your Beach Olympics be a highlight of your tailor-made Mallorca incentive together with a catamaran tour, a treasure hunt and many more experiences.

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