In small groups, you will experience a day full of action and fun while developping creativity and expertise of the participants. The coast of Mallorca will be our stage, the actors are our various elements: Riding and navigating an inflatable boat, raft building, abseiling and canyoning - but all of these actors are under YOUR very own control! Equipped with a compass, a list of tasks, a map of the island and some more material, the team experiences an unforgettable day.

Team Spirit in Navigation Xtreme

In several instances throughout the game, every team member can contribute with his or her individual skills to complete the different tasks of the Navigation Xtreme Challenge. The aim of the teambuilding is to strengthen the team spirit and the communication with each other by letting the participants develop a solution for a complicated situation - together as a team. The team and every individual learns a lot about him- or herself by coming together with friends, colleagues or family members in an untypical and very unknown situation at the most beautiful places of the sunny island of Mallorca.

Navigation Xtreme requires strong commitment

The very demanding tasks of the Navigation Xtreme Challenge require fullest commitment of each and every participant - at the same time, no one shall be pushed too hard beyond his or her limits. Depending on the individual ideas and wishes of every client, we construct the Navigation Xtreme Teambuilding Activity with main emphasis on sports or logic skills or on the fun factor of the game. Because of our flexible and experienced guides, every Navigation Xtreme Teambuilding Challenge can be individually planned and put into action.

Further activities to combine with Navigation Xtreme

To round off the day, we gladly offer you further highlights for after the Navigation Xtreme Challenge.How about an exclusive Helicopter Flight over the island, for example? A Segway Tour along the harbour walkway and to the famous cathedral? A Paella Workshop an an authentic finca? Or maybe some more Water Action during a Speedboat Ride or on the Flying Dolphin?

We create a tailor-made quote based on your wishes and expectations.