The Special Challenge of Raft Building

Flossbau Xtreme Incentive

The art of Raft Building dates back several millennia. Men and women always used rafts as a means of transport to cross rivers and seas - today as in the past mostly with a solid wooden raft and never alone. Try once to build a raft fully on your own! Still, teamwork is essential - and this is why raft building is a perfect teambuilding activity during an incentive trip to the island. Mallorca's many beautiful beaches form the ideal location for it. For those who find the classical manner of raft building to easy, we created the Raft Building Xtreme Challenge.

Raft Building Xtreme Team Building – Reaching the goal together

We pick you up from the hotel or from any other point you wish and, with all the necessary equipment already with us, we head to a picturesque bay where we start with our exciting adventure, the Raft Building Xtreme Challenge. Depending on the group characteristics and based on your ideas, we provide the participants with materials - what the participant get is decided by the degree of difficulty we agreed upon beforehand. By all means, it will be very unexpected stuff that - on first sight - might have nothing to do with raft building. The participants of the Raft Building Xtreme Teambuilding are divided into two groups and have to communicate via a leader who is equipped with a radio set. The task is as follows: The individual parts of the raft and the necessary tools are in the forest close to the cliffs - that is where Group 1 is situated as well. Group 2 will be sent into the bay and straight into the water - they will await the materials swimming. Of course, we provide them with wet suits, snorkel, goggles and life jacket. The leader or 'communicator' will be in the function of a supervisor - he sits on a rock, communicates and mediates between the swimming colleagues and the supply team in the forest and makes sure that the necessary tools and raft materials find their way over a cable to the second group in the water.

Raft Building Xtreme – The Mind & Body Challenge

Raft Building nowadays is an easy task when taking into account the modern auxiliary tools and the provision of the right material. But not with us:The Raft Building Xtreme Challenge requires creativity, the ability to think outside the box, power and skill - and teamwork forms the basis of it all. You will only reach the goal together. Team spirit and solidarity are essential while trying to find solutions via communication and interaction to create a fully operative raft which will pass the endurance test and can be put to sea. Throughout the whole time you spent at the beach with the varied, entertaining adventure of Raft Building Xtreme, snacks and cold drinks will be provided. As a short refreshment, we recommend a quick jump into the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean sea. Our team will be at your disposal for help and support at all times.

Raft Building Xtreme: The beginning of a unique trip to Mallorca

You need some relaxed time on the water after having passed the Raft Building Xtreme Challenge? Join us on a Catamaran Tour to the most picturesque bays of the island. Or are you more that kind of person who is already looking for the next adventure? In this case, the action-filled Coasteering and Canyoning Tours are the right choice for you. A more moderate alternative to Xtreme Teambuilding is the Raft Building Intervention. During a GPS iPad Tour you get to know either the old town of Palma or, combined with a Jeep Tour or a Trip in a Historic E-Car, the whole island from a new perspective. An E-Bike Tour or a Guided Hike add the sports factor, while the group can get in touch with the local culture while enjoying a BBQ, Paella or a Shoe-Handicraft-Workshop.

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