Discovering Mallorca's Cliffs and Caves

Mallorca Abseilen Hohlentauchen

Along the coast of the island, one can find many caves - on this excursion, we want to take you with us to this hidden world and guide you and the other group members while testing the emotional and physical limits of every individual - on an 'expedition' which goes beyond the own comfort zone.

Taking action during Abseiling & Cave Diving

After having completed a coastal hike of about 45 to 60 minutes, the participants of this Abseiling and Cave Diving Trip reach  the final goal of the hike: Cliffs of 25 to 50 mm heigth await where the group will do abseiling with the help and supervision of a professional guide who of course accompanies them at all times. A safety boat welcomes the team members when reaching the water and offers them a short moment of relaxation. Afterwards, you need your waterproof headtorches and flippers since now it is time to discover the caves along the coast. The entrance lies under the water, therefore snorkelling equipment is obligatory. Of course, the provision of all material you need for the abseiling and cave diving trip will be organized by us beforehand so that you can directly begin your water adventure.

Abseiling & Cave Diving as Teambuilding Measure

Following the cave diving adventure, the participants of the excursion will be brought by boat to one of the beautiful beaches nearby where a freshly prepared bbq and cold drinks await the group. Please note that, during the tour, the participants have to carry their equipment by themselves. Personal responsibility and participation in the overall concept is what holds the group together. Thus, abseiling and cave diving are an ideal teambuilding opportunity if all participants are on the same sports level.

After the Abseiling & Cave Diving Expedition

The Abseiling & Cave Diving Activity can be perfectly combined with further activities inour programme. A Jeep Island Tour, organized as a GPS iPad Challenge combined with Helicopter Flights, a Catamaran Tour or a Water Sports Activity are only some of the many possibilities to turn your day into something unforgettable.

Let us inspire you with some further ideas to enhance your time on the island.