Redefining the Green

Incentive Crossgolf

A golf course does not offer you enough variety or means too many restrictions and limits for you? Find the perfect alternative for you in our programme. XGolf is not about long ways to get to the tee-off, instead, you can start right where you are. Enjoy a day full of action and fun during XGolf and get to know the golf sport from a totally new side.

XGolf - where everything is possible

The aim of XGolf is not to improve the handicap or to adopt the best pose when hitting the ball. XGolf is more about making the  surrounding your ally, recognizing the most suitable tee-off possibilities and to seize opportunities to hole. You do not need neither any golf experience nor a course qualification or license to do XGolf - XGolf is a game for everyone and offers a lot of fun and unique challenges. Enjoy the most remote sites on the island of Mallorca and turn them into your very own, individual XGolf course

Crossgolf – From Green into Open Terrain

Depending on the main emphasis of your group, individually chosen by you, we create a tailor-made XGolf courses based on your ideas and wishes. The degree of difficulty is absolutely flexible and adoptable. Whether you are an experienced golfer or an absolute beginner, XGolf  is a game of expertise and creativity and does not depend on a good swing technique. Our professional team accompanies you throughout the whole day and assists you with valuable advice and support. Small snacks and cold refreshments are at your disposal during the day as well.

XGolf combined with other activities

A day on the golf course is exhausting and a little hunger may arise sooner or later. So why not consider to enjoy a Tapas Workshop on a typical Majorcan finca or a carefully selected collection of Majorcan wines during a Wine Tasting after your XGolf adventure. If you want to see more of Mallorcas picturesque landscape, hop on on of our vehicles and discover the island on a guided or individual Beach Buggy Tour, a Cabrio Rally, a Trike Tour or during a Trip with our historic E-Cars. What about a day on the sea with Deep Sea Fishing or a Catamaran? A more cultural experience awaits your group on an individual iPad City Tour or during a GPS iPad Challenge. Whatever you may feel like, our team creates a tailor-made programme which will make your stay in Mallorca unforgettable.

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