Adrenalin Burst Coasteering

Coasteering Incentive Mallorca

Coasteering is the adventurous way to get to know Mallorca: By swimming, climbing, cliff jumping and via Zip Lining or Abseiling, one discovers the magnificent coastline of the island. Jump into this day in nature, packed with thrilling activities and a refreshing bath in the sea. But Coasteering does not come without mental involvement - push your own boundaries, get to know yourself and test your boldness. Together with your colleagues or employees or with a group of family and friends, on a coasteering incentive, you experience a day of solidarity, thrill and with a spirit of adventure. 

Teamwork on land and at sea: Coasteering Xperience

Surrounded by huge cliffs and narrow ravines, accompanied by the sound of the breakers, the coasteering group faces some unfamiliar tasks during this day in nature. The participants of the coasteering experience a rush of adrenalin, overcome their boundaries, get to know themselves and the group in a new way and discover a new awareness of themselves and their lives. The sense of togetherness pushes every single one during the coasteering to his or her limits and the team spirit spurs to outgrow oneself. Experience a fascinating mix of fear and liberty, doubts and challenges - a day of superlatives.

Coasteering  – Off the beaten track

Our professional coasteering guides bring the group through their day and accompany them at the various stations of the coasteering. The coasteering tour will be individually adapted to the ideas and experiences of the group, thus, the adrenalin level will reflect the wishes of every participant without pushing them to hard or being not demanding enough. The coastline of Mallorca, with its many stunning bays, high cliffs, coves and turquoise blue water, has a lot of variety to offer. Therefore, we have the possibility to create the perfect location for your coasteering experience. All the necessary coasteering equipment for this day in the elements of water and earth is provided at the beginning, so the group can directly start into their coasteering adventure.

Alternatives to the Coasteering - Adventure

You would like to spend a more relaxed day? In this case, we take you with us on our iPad City Tour through the picturesque old town of Palma or show you the culinary side of Mallorca on a Tapas Tour  or during a Paella Cooking Workshop. Enjoy some exclusive wines of the island during a Wine Tasting in the historic ambience of a finca. If you would prefer to see a bit more of the island, our Jeep Rallye or E-Bike-Tour is the perfect choice for you. Hop on a Helicopter or Hot Air Balloon and enjoy the view over the island from above or discover the Balearics from the sea on one of our luxurious boats. There are no limits to your imagination!

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