These unusual looking vehicles are real eye catchers. The combination of a car and motorbike provides you with all the comfort and fun. Let us take you to the most beautiful and hip locations Mallorca has to offer on the Trike tour. All you need is a valid driver’s license and it does not matter where on the island you are situated, the Trikes can be delivered directly to your front door for the ultimate Trike tour experience.

Your custom made Trike Tour

With an experienced and flexible guide escorting the way, you will have the chance to go on a custom-composed Trike tour through the entire island. Serpentines with spectacular lookout points or sunny coastal roads, none of Mallorca’s extraordinary beauty will be kept from you. Trikes are easy to handle and you will very quickly be familiar with the vehicle. Therefore, all attention can be placed on enjoying Mallorca’s panorama. You can decide on the specifications and direction of the Trike tour and have the chance to carefully select routes prior to the start.

Trike Tour with the Wind in your Face

Experience the comfort of a car and the feeling of freedom that comes with driving a motorbike. Our Trikes are new, in excellent condition and very safe on the road, due to its agile and aerodynamic design. The Trike vehicle can carry up to three people, where everyone has an excellent view in all directions. So that everyone is able to have fun driving the Trike, drivers can be swapped during short stops. Furthermore, refreshments and snacks will be waiting for you in order to re-energize during the Trike tour.

Your Trike Tour and other Highlights

Make your personalized Trike tour interesting and diverse. It does not matter whether you do an iPad Treasure Hunt across the island, a succeeding barbecue in the middle of nature, a Paella Workshop at an authentic finca or Wine Tasting at an old winery. Combine all these activities and create your very own spectacular LifeXperiences adventure. Moreover, you can take off with a Helicopter, which will be waiting for you after the Trike tour, or move to water with a Speedboat on the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. From Waterskiing&Wakeboarding to Flyboarding, there are no limits to our creativity. We will compose a guided Trike tour according to your wishes and specifications.

We will gladly assist you if you have any questions!