Dirt and dust on the windshield, ramps, steep driveways, declines, diverse surfaces, spectacular hills and water holes, you will experience everything that defines a great Offroad Park. During the Offroad Park activity, you will experience more than just speed and flat surfaces.

Where the Road ends, the Offroad Park starts

With the Jeep Wrangler and Hummer H2 Mega SUV, we will have the ideal “toy” ready for you at the Offroad Park. The Jeep Wrangler is a real Offroad legend. Offroad fans or those that are still aspiring to be will be very fascinated with this vehicle at the Offroad Park. With its vast dimensions and immense power it is perfectly suited for offroad handling. However the Hummer H2 is the real off-road monster. Its outside dimensions of 2,10m x 2,10 x 5,0m carry an unbelievable 320 horsepower motor. It masters any difficult terrain in a playful way.

Offroad Park unlimited

Test your driving skills and push yourself and the vehicle to its limits. After an introduction and several tips from the experts, the Offroad Park excursion can start. Tackle challenging Offroad terrain in a group while fun and safety is guaranteed for the ultimate Offroad Park experience. For the daredevils, the difficulty level can further be increased along the way of the Offroad Park if requested.

Offroad Park and more

After an action packed day on the Offroad Park, a private Go-Kart track provides for the ultimate adrenaline rush and speed. Or round off the day discovering the sunny island of Mallorca with an Old-Timer or Cabrio Tour and GPS iPad Challenge, a spectacular ride in a RIB Boat charter across the turquoise blue sea or Waterski&Wakeboard activities. There are no limits to your individual requests.

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