On a Jeep Rally in an original Jeep Wrangler 4x4, you will discover an extraordinary driving experience through the sunny island of Mallorca. Let the diversity of the island fascinate you on a tailor made original Jeep Rally tour and enjoy the wind in your face and a feeling of freedom in the open vehicles. Whether for team building purposes in combination with a GPS iPad challenge, an off-road course or as a guided sightseeing tour, our Jeep Rally is always individually tailored according to your preferences.

Jeep Rally - Team building and Incentives

Throughout the guided Jeep Rally tour, the vehicles are linked via radio communication devices, while the front vehicle escorts the group to perfect locations for cliff diving, snorkelling and relaxation. We will take care of the entire logistical aspect of the Jeep Rally - the vehicles are directly delivered to the hotel as well as picked up afterwards. LifeXperiences can also turn your Jeep Rally into an interactive GPS challenge with iPads, a treasure hunt across the entire island. This type of Jeep Rally is done with an individual app program on iPads that guides participants across Mallorca. Equipped with climbing and snorkelling gear, many little challenges and prizes await the team searching for code numbers and game keys.

Extraordinary locations as a Jeep Rally highlight

Whatever the main emphasis is of your Jeep Rally, an extraordinary lunch stop is always included. Depending on the route of the Jeep Rally, one can stop at a beach restaurant, picnic on a mountaintop or have lunch at the LifeXperiences event area. Several unique possibilities are available to round off a spectacular day. Further combine your Jeep Rally with a helicopter flight, a Paella cooking course or a meeting in the middle of nature between hundreds of years old olive trees. In order to push your Jeep to the limit, you can also go wild on the off-road course near by.  

Jeep Rally and more…

The Jeep Rally can easily be combined with further highlights. The route can entail several stops for Snorkelling, Diving, Speedboating or Helicopter Flights, which can be integrated within the tour. The day does not have to come to an end just yet as the possibilities are endless. Finish off the experience with a Tapas Tour in Palma or at a typical authentic Mallorcan Finca, a Wine Tasting, a Paella Night or a high quality, rustic barbecue at the beach. Every Jeep Rally should be a once of a lifetime LifeXperience.

We will gladly advise you personally on our range of offers!