Beach Buggy Adventure Tour

Beach Buggy Incentive2

A Beach Buggy is small, agile and provides fun like no other vehicle. They are extremely easy to handle, and impress participants of all ages. No matter where in Mallorca one is located, our Beach Buggy fleet is available anywhere on the island.

Beach Buggy – driving fun at its best

These unique Beach Buggy vehicles can be delivered directly to your hotel if required. After a short explanation, up to four people per vehicle can explore the island on an own adventure. You will very quickly get the hang of driving the Beach Buggy, so that you can safely proceed to driving on off-road terrain. Experience Mallorca and its landscape in a very special and unique way.

Beach Buggy – feel the wind in your face

The open styled Beach Buggy ensures an unhindered view in all directions, so that passengers can easily take spectacular photos throughout the tour. The route is tailored according to your specifications and wishes. Groups can drive along selected hotspots of the island, where one can independently and freely explore the spectacular panorama of Mallorca with the Beach Buggy. Moreover at selected lookout points, participants have the chance to take a break, have delicious snacks and refreshments and to swap drivers.

Different Beach Buggy models

There is a wide ranged choice between different vehicle models, amongst them also the most popular historic VW Beach Buggy and sporty dune Buggies. All vehicles are technically equipped at the highest level and are made of very light fiberglass material. The Beach Buggy is especially stable in extreme twist and turns, comparable to Go-Karts. Additionally the Beach Buggy is optimal for very steep mountain roads, where driving fun is guaranteed. Depending on the Beach Buggy type, up to 4 people can join in. All that is needed is a normal driver’s licence.

A multifaceted and varied Beach Buggy tour

The Beach Buggy tour on Mallorca can be extended in diverse ways. For additional highlights, we will happily incorporate the tour with an iPad treasure hunt across the island, with a Paella workshop, rustic barbecue at the beach or wine tasting at one of the many wineries on the island. You can also step out of the Beach Buggy and directly take off into the sky with a helicopter or move onto water. Water ski and wakeboarding activities or a speedboat tour will guarantee a lot of fun and adrenaline for everyone. Let our creativity surprise you. Experience a custom-made program according to your wishes, with an unforgettable Beach Buggy tour.

We will gladly compose a custom-made program offer for you!