Mallorca's Hidden Secrets

Hohlen Tour Mallorca

Many people might not know it, but one can find about 4,000 caves in Mallorca - and we take you to the most beautiful among them. Discover limestone caves, caves full of stalactites and slalagmites and the famous Dragon Caves, where subterranean lakes and stunning light installations turn the scenery into something magical. But not only the Cuevas del Drach are worth a visit, depending on the season and the size of your group, we can create an individual programme that will guide you to the wonders of the Cuevas del Hams or the Cuevas de Artá, too.

Cave Tour - Holding Culture in your Hands

The sunny island of Mallorca is for the most part made of soft limestone which is susceptible to erosion. This is why, over the millennia, caves could form and develop a large subterranean system of paths. Nowadays, it is said that those caves belong to the most beautiful ones of the world - and for a good reason! As old traces prove, early inhabitants on the island often lived in the caves because of the constant, Mediterranean climate in there.

Cave Tours as a Bad Weather Alternative

The visit of one of the many caves is absolutely worth it. During a cave tour, you can stroll through a large, subterranean system of nested paths which cover up to 2,000 meter, passing salt lakes and climbing steep stairs, while moving along and sometimes even touching the ancient stalactites and stalagmites of the caves. Some rock formations will remind you of animals - this is the story behind their names and, yes, you will get to know the stalactites and stalagmites by their names.

What to do after a Cave Tour

After some time underground, you might feel like spending the rest of the day in the sunshine and with a bit more action on land or on the sea. No problem for us! How about a tour with a Speedboat or a RIB, complemented by Wakeboard and Waterski, the Flyboard, also called Flying Dolphin, or a Ride on a Donut? An alternative to action on sea could be a guided Segway or Tapas Tour to the hot spots of the picturesque old town of Palma and along the beautiful promenade and the harbour. You can also discover the city and the island on your own, based on our popular GPS iPad Challenge and combined with a Jeep Rally or E-Car Tour.

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