Sailing is a great way to share the passion of open air and outdoor lifestyle, beautiful ocean scenery, the power of the wind and waves... Experience these values during a Sailing Regatta with two or more boats. Up to eight participants can take place on one boat and under professional instruction of experienced skippers the boats will compete each other in a Sailing Regatta.

Sailing Regatta - nothing for landlubbers

Success is only guaranteed by good team work as there are various important jobs to do during a Sailing Regatta. After a detailed introduction of the skipper, you will first experience a training cruise before finally starting the Sailing Regatta. During a Sailing Regatta a certain route will be pre-determined where all boats will race each other at the same time. Whether a s a team building or an incentive - loads of fun will be guaranteed.

Team building during a Sailing Regatta

Working hand in hand in an unknown situation. Get to know yourself and your colleagues from a different point of view. No matter if you are a sailing beginner or a professional, the Sailing Regatta will be planned due to your personal preferences. Each participant has to carry out its tasks conscientious to hold course for the right direction so that the boat can go as fast as possible. Enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and experience the good feeling after a day full of great team work. 

A bit of variety after the Sailing Regatta

To gain strength after a long day at the sea, we will happily organise a Tapas tour through Palma's old town or a Paella Workshop to get to know the culinary highlights of the Spanish cuisine. Or enjoy fantastic panorama views during a Vespa tour across the island or a rally with Beach Buggies, Trikes, Quads or in classical Jeep Wranglers. We will definitely find the perfect programme for your incentive or team building!

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