Helicopter Flights image

Helicopter Flights

Discovering Mallorca from the sky on a helicopter flight is a breathtaking and unforgettable...
GPS iPad Challenge image

GPS iPad Challenge

LifeXperiences offers individualized GPS iPad Challenges. Become an urban explorer together with your team...
Jeep Rally image

Jeep Rally

On a Jeep Rally in an original Jeep Wrangler 4x4, you will discover an...
Flyboard image


Let us introduce you to the latest water sport action toy in Mallorca: The...
Hot Air Ballooning image

Hot Air Ballooning

During a tranquil flight across Mallorca in a hot air balloon, you will experience...
Mountain BikeTrips image

Mountain BikeTrips

A mountain bike tour is perfect for those who enjoy being active, yet do...
Beach Olympics image

Beach Olympics

Already during ancient Greek times athletes competed against each other in physical and intellectual...
Beach Buggy image

Beach Buggy

A Beach Buggy is small, agile and provides fun like no other vehicle. They...
Trike Tour image

Trike Tour

These unusual looking vehicles are real eye catchers. The combination of a car and...
Cabrio Rally image

Cabrio Rally

Join a treasure hunt across the entire island during a tailor-made Cabrio Rally and...
Vespa Tour image

Vespa Tour

If you want to get to know the island and its beauty in an...
Off-road Park image

Off-road Park

Dirt and dust on the windshield, ramps, steep driveways, declines, diverse surfaces, spectacular hills...
Go-Kart image


Speed, action and the tar road, this is what makes driving a go-kart so...
Train Ride Soller image

Train Ride Soller

Experience the only way to travel back in time as if you were in...
Sailing Regatta image

Sailing Regatta

Sailing is a great way to share the passion of open air and outdoor...
Catamaran Charter image

Catamaran Charter

The ancient Romans already made use of catamarans during the conquest of Syrakus. This...
Historical Sailing Yacht image

Historical Sailing Yacht

Rafael Verdera is a charismatic yacht with ample experience in long voyages and whale...
Jet Ski  image

Jet Ski

Jet ski – Speed on water! Experience the ultimate fun day on water, during...
Paella Cooking image

Paella Cooking

Mallorca is the perfect place for lovers of beautiful scenery and culinary delights. Experience...
Speedboat image


Adrenalin and salty lips! There are no faster boats on the water surrounding Mallorca...
iPad City Tour image

iPad City Tour

Become an urban explorer with your team and discover Palma in a new way...
Guided Hike image

Guided Hike

Mallorca is not just perfectly suited for a beach vacation; the island also provides...
Deep Sea Fishing image

Deep Sea Fishing

Look forward to spectacular deep sea fishing in front of the coast of Mallorca....
4 Elements image

4 Elements

Teambuilding activities for Mallorca incentives or just for one person. Whatever weather nature provides us...
Flying Fox image

Flying Fox

Combination of kayaking, snorkeling, climbing and “horizontal bungee jumping”. The team will be have...
Abseiling image


Feel the thrill of height and experience an adventure together with your team during...
Old-timer Rally image

Old-timer Rally

Step in behind the steering wheel of one of our genuine classic vehicles, and...
Segway Tour image

Segway Tour

Segway - an innovative way of movement with loads of fun! Within 2 hours...
Sea Kayaking image

Sea Kayaking

Enjoy a sea kayaking tour along the spectacular coast and cliffs of Mallorca, beautiful...
Canyoning image


The powerfull mountain range "Sierra de Tramuntana" reaches 1.500m right out of the Mediterranean...
Float Building image

Float Building

An ingenious twist on the old favourite team building activity of raft building. The...
Plane Charter image

Plane Charter

This twin engine aircraft with a leather interior and state of art technology will...
City Tour image

City Tour

La Palmera, Medina Mayurka, La Ciutat: why has Palma de Mallorca 3 different names?...
Water Sports Centre image

Water Sports Centre

On Mallorca all roads lead to the sea! Hence why not spend a day...
Racing Bikes Mallorca image

Racing Bikes Mallorca

Mallorca's mild months - where the sun is not yet burning down so much...
SUP  image


In Hawaii, the origin place of surf culture, the SUP was often used as...
Paintball image


Fun and action is guaranteed during an exciting game of Paintball, which requires a...
Abseiling & Cave Diving  image

Abseiling & Cave Diving

An adventurous day of hiking, abseiling and under water cave exploration. The day’s activities...
Tapas Tour image

Tapas Tour

If you are interested in the Spanish way of life, sooner or later you...
Golf image


Conquer the green and be enthralled by golf fever - we ensure that you...
Wine Tour Mallorca image

Wine Tour Mallorca

There are numerous bodegas in Mallorca which produce excellent wines - convince yourself on...
Treasure Hunt image

Treasure Hunt

People have always been hunting for treasures in history. Let us take you on...
Navigation Xtreme image

Navigation Xtreme

Using small, powerful and fast boats, participants are spilt into teams (5-8 persons) that...
Trial Dive image

Trial Dive

No matter where on the island you are located if you have never experienced...
Snorkeling image


Snorkeling, when and where you want! Let an incredible adventure of discovering the underwater...
XGolf image


We best explain our interpretation of XGolf with the following two definitions:Golf: A game...
High Rope Course image

High Rope Course

… with growing excitement, you realise you are going to make it. You take...
E-Tricycle Tour image

E-Tricycle Tour

If you would like to do your sightseeing trip in a very short time,...
Gentlman's Yacht image

Gentlman's Yacht

The Barco Royal - or Gentleman's Yacht - exclusivity and comfort with a historic...
Quad Biking  image

Quad Biking

Discover the ultimate, out of the ordinary sensation during the Quad Tour, and test...
Diving image


Mallorca offers wonderful and fascinating diving sites for both the beginner and the experienced....
Cave Tour image

Cave Tour

There are over 200 caves on Mallorca. Coves del Drac are without a doubt...
Trail Running Mallorca image

Trail Running Mallorca

Mallorca is blessed with a year round climate and geography ideal for trail running....
Waterski & Wakeboard image

Waterski & Wakeboard

Experience extraordinary fun on water along the coastline of Mallorca. We offer waterskiing and...
Alfabia Garden & Almonds image

Alfabia Garden & Almonds

February is the time of almond blossoms on Mallorca, although the many almond plantations...
Adventure National Park image

Adventure National Park

The national park is located in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana, surrounded...
Race Cab image

Race Cab

Imagine accelerating from 1 to 100 km/h in 2,8 seconds. Need one say more…the...
Kitesurf image


Let us introduce you to this magnificent sport of you and the wind! Whichever...
Formel Junior  image

Formel Junior

We’ve all dreamed of racing like Michael Schumacher or Fernando Alonso. This is as...
RIB Charter image

RIB Charter

Our RIB Charter with company RIB boats does not only offer a varied day...
Party Boat image

Party Boat

if you are looking for a party location on the water do not look...
AC Cobra image

AC Cobra

Experience the AC Cobra on an exclusive racetrack and go ahead full speed on...
Luxury Catamaran image

Luxury Catamaran

The Balearic Islands are renowned among the most beautiful and varied sailing waters in...

Day Activities Mallorca

…. Helicopter flights, wake boarding, sailing regattas, wellness or a cultural tour on a segway? We are up to date with all the latest activities available in Mallorca. Allow the following example activities to inspire you, and feel free to contact us for a tailored proposal for your event, team building activity, individual activities for large and small groups or incentives in Mallorca.