Coaching & training programs

Coaching Mallorca Event Management2

Our broad network of qualified coaches and trainers and our long-standing experience as an event management agency enables us to support you as the coach/trainer with the organization of your coaching event in Mallorca. Moreover we will set up a tailor made coaching concept for your enterprise, concentrating on a lasting impact amongst the participants.

A qualitative and efficient learning atmosphere

Our goal is to establish a qualitative and efficient learning atmosphere in which the participants are educated in the best possible way. For this we follow the philosophy of providing a suitable setting for the effective internalization of new impulses and ideas. The Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Mallorca) offer a mild climate, stimulating natural settings and hidden and tranquil locations providing for an optimal atmosphere for your coaching or training.

Far away from the everyday work environment, the participants have the chance to unwind and can therefore concentrate much better in regards to innovative learning content and changes. The different possible combinations of indoor and outdoor settings, together with stimulating activities provides your coaching or training with important dynamics and an appealing exclusivity.

Contact us so that we can collectively develop an effective coaching or training in Mallorca!